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FREESPEED: Riot Code - Cuts Both Ways

Riot Code provide the latest edition of our FREESPEED series with thunderous techno track.

We are back with another Free Download and we’ve managed to squeeze a hot n’ heavy contribution from our favourite masked duo. Riot Code blazed onto the scene and through our speakers just as the pandemic raised its head in 2020, solidifying themselves as a force to be reckoned with: Already achieving a BBC1 Radio Debut, multiple appearances on numerous mix series’, ongoing recognition and respect throughout the music industry, as well as their latest EP “TRIPWIRE” signed with Carouse Records, hitting shelves both digitally and on wax.

With their plans only getting bigger and better, alongside international ventures and collaborations already recognising the talented double act, we behind them every step of the way as they continue to surge through our sound systems.

Grab the latest FREESPEED from Riot Code right here.

Listen to the latest FREESPEED from Riot Code below:


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