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Carlton Doom


Ultimate Doom

Carlton Doom has spent the last few years solidifying his sound in an ever-changing industry, evoking emotion throughout diverse productions and powerful performances. Standing as one of Belfast’s most respected electronic artists, Doom has added his own stamp of authenticity and originality to each and every product of his talent. 


His debut alongside DJ Stingray & Dexter sparked a flame of interest surrounding the one of a kind producer, furthering huge  interest in the artist in both at home and abroad. 


Releases on Or:la and Breakwave's Deep Sea Frequency label followed the artists successes, as well as further releases alongside Dixon Avenue Basement Jams' Neutralizer label. Reviews and hype of all shapes and sizes raised its head in DJ Mag, Hot Press Magazine, District magazine and Mixmag to name a few. 


With further releases on Hypercolour and Céid, it’s no wonder the lengthy archive of successes gained Doom a Boiler Room at AVA Festival in Belfast. 


Going from big, to bigger to downright huge. Watch out for Ultimate Doom. 

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